First World Privileges

Sometimes we forget the many benefits and privileges that are afforded us by residing in a first world society. One that is kept safe and secure by the governing body, whether it is with a physical presence, through visual representation or via electronic surveillance, the message of security helps to both instill a sense of confidence to law abiding citizens as well as a deterrence to criminals. It is with this confidence that a society begins its’ transformation to a first world society.
In this 18 image portfolio, it is my intention to highlight some of the benefits and privileges as one is allowed to grow within such a society. The images were shot in a reportage style with double exposing in mind. Through the use of double exposures, you will be able to perceive a “First World” attribute as it relates to the subject.
Enhanced Security

Installation of street surveillance cameras to enhance signage and physical presence.


Increased security deters vandalism and other misdemeanors.

Singapore Girl

Early national identity development.


Freedom of religious choice early in ones life.


Freedom from religious persecution.


Freedom to practice the faith in public.


Increased events and  opportunities for individuals to participate and achieve.

Gender Equality

Emergence of gender equality in sports.

Recreational Sports

Public venue availability for fringe sports and recreational activities.

Visual Arts

Freedom of self expression opens minds to the previously unacceptable.

Performing Arts

Freedom to pursue new found aspirations.


Increased educational opportunities.


Public service occupations become available and main stream.


Social service occupation opportunities become available and abundant.

Train Operator

Public mass transit becomes affordable, clean and safe for all.


Opportunities to retire and travel comfortably.


Elderly lady's carefree reminiscing at a deserted but well maintained playground.

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